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Membership initation

I hereby request the membership of ANE - Academy of Neuroscience and Education. The annual membership fee is £ 1,200.00 (plus) VAT. The ANE member will transfer the amount of the fee according to the agreed payment method.

(Semester and quarterly payments have included £12 for administration fee).

Contract conditions


The services offered by ANE S. L. are subject exclusively to the terms of services, license and contract conditions described below. No agreement of any kind that is different or contrary to these conditions will be possible.


ANE S.L produces documentation, presentations and multimedia materials on topics related to neuroscience. The contents of our services may be used exclusively by our members, both for their own benefit of professional training, and for the use and integration of theM in the courses offered to their clients (eg seminars or continuing training).

It is strictly forbidden the transmission of the contents prepared by ANE S. L. to persons or organizations that are not included in these clauses, especially to persons or organizations dedicated to vocational training and the scope of the education system. In addition, the current copyright law applies.

The provision of the following materials is included in the annual membership fee and will be offered in a password-protected area of the Internet, to which only our members will have access and from which all the materials developed for the aforementioned purposes can be downloaded:

- Documentation (Word format)

- Abstracts (Word format)

- Presentations (PowerPoint Format)

- Multimedia (Formats: Flash, MP4 videos, MP3 audios)

- e-books (Online Version)

The use of these materials is described in the media library's rules of use and must be respected and observed.

On the other hand, ANE S. L. will carry out national and international events on the offered topics, to which the members of ANE S. L. will be able to attend without additional costs.

Types of Events:

Promotional events - Several per year. A topic demostration will be offered as they will serve as a presentation of the academy.

Training Events - Four events per year. The four new topics to be incorporated into the academy that year will be presented and practical and learning exercises will be carried out.

International Science Event - One event a year. Renowned scientists will be invited to present the latest discoveries about neuroscience.

ANE S. L. reserves the right of ownership over all services offered. ANE members are granted an individual license to use them.


ANE S. L undertakes to offer the above-mentioned materials and services in good condition. In the event of any defect, ANE S. L. will be responsible for replacing the damage or replacing the product with a new one.

The validity of this warranty is excluded in the event of improper use of the documentation, presentations and/or other files. The natural deterioration of the materials is exempt from liability and warranty.


The amount of the membership fee shall be transferred according to the method of payment set out in the ANE contract.


Membership is for an indefinite period of time and begins with the date indicated on the membership application.

La calidad de socio es a tiempo indefinido y comienza con la fecha indicada en la solicitud de miembro.

The contract may be cancelled by either party and without the need to explain the cause, provided that the termination is made 28 days before the expiration of each year of membership. If the deadline is exceeded without a withdrawal, the contract will automatically be extended for another year. The contract implies a minimum commitment of one year.

With the cancellation of the contract, the materials produced by ANE, especially documentations, presentations and down-load files, will be automatically returned to the exclusive property of ANE. This means that they must be deleted or handed over, for example, and can no longer be used by the partner.


The member's data will be processed and stored exclusively for the purposes of the contract. The transfer of these data to third parties will only take place if it is necessary within the parameters of the contract. All data will be treated in strict confidence and will not be disclosed to third parties.


The place of legal compliance of the company is the headquarters of ANE S. L. For all types of claims or lawsuits between the two parties involved in the contract, the head office will henceforth be exclusively the headquarters of ANE SL.

The current Spanish law shall be valid. Headquarters ANE S. L.

Academy of Neuroscience and Education Plaza Gala Placídia 10-12 08006 Barcelona CIF: B86549185 Dirección General: Nieves Pérez


If one or more of the conditions of the contract are not fully or partially legally valid, the remaining clauses shall remain unaffected. The invalid parts shall be governed by the law whose content is closest to the fineness of the clause referred to in the conditions.

I have read and accept the services of the academy.